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Get started

Quickstart guide for Showcase theme.

Files structure

Unzip the theme folder and you'll see the next file structure:

  • dist
    • assets
    • index.html
    • ...
  • scss
  • gulpfile.js
  • package.json


Theme's dev tools require Node and Gulp CLI. To install Node go to Node.js and follow the instructions. To install Gulp CLI run the following command:

npm i gulp-cli -g

Then run the following npm command to install all the theme's dependencies:

npm i

Showcase uses Browsersync to serve pages from the dist directory. Running gulp will compile the theme, copy all required files to the dist directory and will open a browser window to dist/index.html.

Note: If you prefer, you can simply use the static files that are in the dist folder and bypass the gulp workflow.


1.0.0 - 03 Sep 2019

  • Initial release